5 Cool Hi-Tech Gadgets Available on Amazon

by - January 27, 2018

There are really good products in Amazon that else don't know. Check out the list of 5 cool gadgets which you can add to your inventory to take your productivity to a whole new awesome level.

1. Compact Solar Charging Powerbank

You have seen many common solar gadgets and power-banks. It is a solar rechargeable powerbank but different just because of its body design. It has vacuum plate at oneside so it can be stick on plane surface like glass from which sunrays easily passes through it. You can stick it on your home window or can attach to your car,s window while travelling so you can charge your mobile as this device made for such condition. Sunrays passing through glass on solar plate placed behind, it uses natural energy and it has LED lights too for indication.

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2.iPhone Lighter Case

It is all in one case for iPhone which will helps you in drinking cold drinks, taking photos and smoking for smokers. This multifunctional awesome invention isn't stopped here, it comes with a little screw hole which you can attach it in your car, on your bike, or with a tripod stand. It's also made with high quality material that doesn't bend or brick and will definitely protect your phone.

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3.Flying Sensor Ball

The ball flies like a helicopter when you switch it on. Guide the movement of the ball by placing your hands underneath it. It has a built in sensor which allows this ball to sense anything below it to move it upwards. The ball will move wherever you have a base to levitate the ball further ahead has multiple colored lights which glow when its flies. Diameter of the ball: 5.5cms length of the blade: 15cms comes along with charger which takes 45-60 mins to charge it completely. Can fly for 6-8 minutes on a full charge.

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4. Hudway Glass

Staring at your phone while you're driving isn't safe even if it's mounted. Hudway Glass is a car accessory that turns your smartphone into a transparent, head up display for any car for travel comfort and safety. You'll no longer be distracted from the road, day or night, and you'll have a clear view without obstruction.

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5. Laser Keyboard

Many of us getting disappointed while typing a whole document on smartphone. Laser keyboard is the solution for this problem. It convert any surface into a keyboard with advanced technology. This virtual keyboard connects via Bluetooth. It is best suitable for smartphones and tablets having premium design with dimensions 14.2 x 7.6 x 4 cm.

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