Delete sent WhatsApp message even after 7 minutes! Here's trick

by - January 29, 2018

WhatsApp recall after 7 minutes
Facebook owned app WhatsApp's latest feature "Delete for Everyone" is considered as one of the major update till date. It really helpful in many ways for different situations and users like it. The feature allowed you to recall messages that was already sent, however there was deadline of 7 minutes to do so after sending the message.

Once you delete the message then message will be deleted from both receiver and sender's chat screen by leaving "The message was deleted" alert on screen. However you have to be alert till 7 minutes if you really want to delete it. Meaning that you can't do it after 7 minutes of sending message.

But what if you want to do it even after the WhatsApp's given time i.e. 7 minutes. No need to worry, it is possible & you can delete sent message on WhatsApp even after 7 minutes. But according to XDA Developers you can't do it if the message was More than 7 days old.

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How to delete sent message on WhatsApp after 7 minutes ?

  • Disable your mobile data connection and turn OFF WiFi.

  • Close whatsapp and force stop WhatsApp from application settings.
WhatsApp recall after 7 minutes
  • Turn of "Automatic Date & Time" from setting
  • Set the date and time manually to a day when the message was sent & set the date according to time of sent message. (eg. If the message sent on 27th Jan at 8:00 PM then you have to set date 27 Jan and time to 8:01 PM.) Save it.
  • Open WhatsApp again. 
  • Long press the message you want to recall and delete it for everyone.

  • Go back to setting & turn ON "Automatic Date & Time"
  • Enable your mobile data connection.

Once you enable data connection the sent message will be deleted from receiver's chat screen too. So, now you can recall WhatsApp message, no matter if it was a week old. Remember, the receiver should have latest WhatsApp with this recall feature.

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