World's First "On-Screen Fingerprint Scanner" in Smartphone by Vivo

by - January 15, 2018

It's like a new trend in the world of smartphones and it is "Bezelless Display"Every mobile company wants to use their full mobile screen for full 18:9 aspect ratio display, but there is design problem in front of them. Google and Samsung placed a fingerprint sensor near the rear camera of their's Pixel2, Pixel2 XL & S8, Note8 respectively. The same is done by Apple. They removed the fingerprint brought a new face unlock feature to the world.

But people used to use large screen phones such Pixel2XL, Note8, which is larger in size but due to the large size, there was a problem in using the fingerprint sensor placed at back side.They are facing difficulty in accessing the scannerTalking about Apple's Iphone X, people also started to face problem while using Face Unlock, like not easily unlock in low light. So, they have to bring back fingerprint sensor in front but with less bezels too. Finally the former china company Vivo comes with solution and the placed fingerprint scanner in screen.

Let's talk about this On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor, it's made by a company named Synaptics.They are going to share this technology five mobile companies, including Vivo, announced in CES 2018.

How this On-Screen Fingerprint Scanner will work

Everyone used fingerprint scanner technology. Basically fingerprint sensor is of two types. One is Optical Fingerprint Sensor which cleary indicates that it works with lights. And the other is Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor which we are currently using in our smartphones which located at back side or at Home button in front.

The fingerprint sensor of Synaptics that is to be used in Vivo is an optical fingerprint sensor and it can be used only in mobile phones that have OLED display. This sensor will be placed behind the OLED display and will do all the work from behind the screen. Using the gap betwen small pixels in the screen, these lights will travel and recognize your finger or thumb.

Even though this will be slightly slower than our current fingerprint sensor but its speed can be increased in the future if it develops. It will show an icon on the display, holding it to the finger for a little while. Synaptics company reported that he had been working on this technology for the past 18 months. They also stated that its Rejection Rate will be only 2% and False Rate will be only 1%.

In 2017, Vivo displayed similar prototype of Indisplay Fingerprint Sensor Technology at MWC Shanghai. Looking at the same thing Synoptics first chose Vivo. It will be develop more in a upcoming days in the coming days, to reduce its size and price and we will see this tchnology at the end of 2018.

Vivo India's Video - InDisplay Fingerprint in action 

It is believed that this Vivo Smartphone can be launched in mid-2018. Some photos of this phone have leaked, you can see it below.

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